Mental Illness Madness (Narcissistic Abuse Survivor Poem/Song)

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Mental Illness Madness (Narcissistic Abuse Survivor Poem/Song)

One moment you’re nothing
The next moment you’re born
Dropped into a dark, angry, scary world
You’d much rather ignore
A mother’s paranoid toxic mental state
A father evil and psychotic with a deadly gun
One sister’s jealous dangerous hate
The other brainwashed, unaware and way too young
A life long friend’s betrayal and a trusted lover’s lie
Throw in two serial killer’s plot revenge
And there goes what could have been
My beautiful life
When everything you know to be sacred and true
Blows up in your face, pops like a balloon
It’s a rape of the soul, annihilation of trust
Destroying all reasons for living
But…go on you must
How does one come back from


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